Globalization and Global Inequality

My third broad area of research is the historical transformations in hierarchies of wealth and power. I am particularly interested in examining how the world income hierarchy (between and within nations) have changed in world history due to geographical relocation of global capital, changes in the global political economy, escalation of economic/financial crises and political-military struggles among great powers. Currently, I am co-coordinating the development research working group at the Arrighi Center, which has been investigating the changes in the patterns of global inequality and the trimodal income distribution of the global world-economy in world history.

Selected publications on this theme include:

Sociology of Development

Karatasli, S. S. (2017) “Capitalist World Economy in the Longue Duree: Changing Modes of the Global Distribution of Wealth, 1500-2008”. Sociology of Development 3(2): 163-195

(Honorable Mention for Best Faculty Article Award by Sociology of Development Section of the American Sociological Association)



Karatasli, S. S., Kumral, S., Pasciuti D & Silver, B. (2017). World Hegemonies and Global Inequalities. in V. Popov & P. Dutkiewicz. Mapping a New World Order: The Rest Beyond the West. Edward Elgar, pp.23-37.




Karatasli, S. S. & Kumral, S. (2017). Great Convergence of Third Great Divergence? Changes in the Global Distribution of Wealth, in P. Korzeniewicz. The World System as a Unit of Analysis: Past Contributions and Future Advances. Routledge, pp.36-49.